Spring Showers Raise Safety Concerns

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Spring rain showers have turned into a sticky situation for one Wiregrass community.

Residents of Otter Pond Road in Cottonwood say it has become almost impassible with the most recent heavy rains.

They have tried to pour sand over the dirt, but say a permanent solution could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Being a private dirt road Otter Pond Road is limited in the help it can receive from Houston County unless all land owners agree to give up 30 feet from their property to make a 60-foot right of way. This would allow for the county engineer to make an assessment of the circumstances.

Otter Pond Road is home to about 15 families, most of them elderly or disabled.

"People get stuck and have to be pushed out and you slip and slide.
When you see oncoming traffic it's really very dangerous," says landowner Christel Bosley.

Residents say they are used to staying at home for several days at a time any time there is subtantial rainfall.

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