Spotlight on Business Returns to Dothan Civic Center

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The 23rd annual spotlight on business event returned to the Dothan civic center on Thursday.

Over 90 local businesses came out to the event to showcase and network.

But making it to the event was not so easy for some.

“To be honest,being rescheduled to the night before valentine’s night was a little bit of a struggle, but it is such an important event for us to share with the people in the community that don’t know what we do we made it happen,” said Roni McAnulty of Delectable Edibles in Dothan.

McAnulty has been a Dothan business owner for years. But she says its event like this that help her grow her business.

“Most people know that we do chocolate covered strawberries and candies but they don’t realize that we have a restaurant and that we cater,” explained McAnulty.

With hundreds of residents attending the largest trade show it’s the perfect platform to get their name out.

“We put this on so that our chamber members can come and in and showcase their products and services to the community it is a great opportunity for our local community to come in and check out and see what area businesses have to offer and to showcase,” said Melia McKean, Communications Director of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce.

And that means better business for local vendors.

“By being able to talk to people and show them some of the things that we can do, it allows us to reach out to people who don’t know or who may know about us but don’t know certain aspects,” said McKean.

In addition to helping businesses grow, event organizers say that Thursday’s event also helps newer businesses learn tips from older businesses in the area.

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