Special Education in Dothan City Schools

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For the past six months, special education has been on Dothan’s School Board agenda. School officials noticed an increase in special education students. The school board addressed this topic at Monday night’s meeting.

Monday, they decided to hire special education teachers. Two will go to Honeysuckle Middle School and one will go to Girard Middle. Also, teacher aides will go to each school and they hired two nurses. They will go to the schools that need them most.

Superintendent Tim Wilder said adding these teachers to the budget was a top priority.

"As those needs come, we have to address them. So number one that's a no-brainer really when you're looking at this. It's a legal issue for us, to have those teachers per small group of students,” said Tim Wilder, Superintendent of Dothan City Schools.

The teachers will work on specific needs like vision, hearing, and speech. Wilder said Dothan’s School Board moved a few items around to pay for the teachers, but they still stayed within budget.

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