Southwest Georgia Soldier Wounded in Afghanistan Attack

"The Army is his life. He loves serving his country."

Those are the words to describe Captain Jeremy Haynes, a Georgia native that was seriously injured in an Afghanistan attack earlier this week, that killed a 2-Star U.S General and injured 15 others.

"We got the news a couple days ago and its like somebody literally put a blanket over my head. I was here and so I didnt have my phone so they had been trying to call all day and when I finally heard from his wife, he had been injured in that conflict. It really turned us upside down"

And although the family of Captain Haynes don't know much at this time, they do have faith.

"Just like God worked in the Bible for Peter and for all the disciples. I believe he will do the same thing for my brother. he will send an angels over there to not only protect my brother but all those troops that are in harms way."

According to family, Captain Haynes has had a passion for the military his whole life, a trait his brother has always admired.

"He is my hero. He always tells me I'm his hero, but he is my hero..

A constant sacrifice that Commissioner Haynes hopes to remind people about.

"Freedom isnt free. Someone has to pay the sacrifice and they are payng that sacrifice and I dont want us to loose sight of that. We look at the political part of it, but their is so much more. These are ones that actually have to go and leave their families, leave their children behind and fight for us to have a chance and enjoy the freedoms of life that we have today ."

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