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"He's having a ball, " said Eufaula resident Gloria Lewis, as she pointed to her dog's in their new pen.

"I don't have to look for them. Especially that one there, he goes all over there in the Douglas Quarter, " says Lewis.

That's because the volunteer based group, Southern Souls, has given her two dog pens.

Volunteers say they saw a need and are doing what they can to help.

"We've started seeing so many dogs on chains, we started looking for a way to get them off the chain because they don't have enough room to run around and run off their energy and the chains were really hurting their necks too, " says Jo Vaughn, Operations Director of Southern Souls.

The group started their unchaining movement last October.

They are providing more than just dog pens.

"Dog food, shots, we do a low cost spay and neuter clinic run to Dothan on a regular basis. If we can help them keep their pet in their home, that's what we want to do. If it takes taking a kennel to them, if it takes a bag of dog food a month to help them keep their animals safe, that's what we want to do, " says Vaughn.

A group of volunteers making a difference, unchaining one dog at a time.

"I like to see them have room to run around even if it's just 10x10 or 10x20, they can move around a little bit. You wouldn't want to be tied to a tree all your life, nobody would, " says Vaughn.

"If you got a dog, you've got a friend, " says Lewis.

The group has been getting major support from an anonymous donor.

She donated 7 pens last week and 12 this week.

If you'd like to volunteer with Southern Souls ... Call 695-6615.

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