Southeastern Pediatric Associates Donates Hundreds to Food Bank

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For a staff that helps the community in their daily job, you might not expect them to give even more.
But that’s exactly what the staff at southeastern pediatric associates has done, donating hundreds of dollars to charity.

While most employees give their boss a gift for Christmas, the employees at southeastern pediatric associates in Dothan had a different plan.

“Rather than giving a gift they have selected a charity and have donated to that charity in our name.” Doctor Ted Williams said.

The staff has done this in years past.
And every year they pick a new charity to give to.

“I think we picked the wiregrass area food bank because the difficult times families are having these days we felt it was the best opportunities to represent our physicians and the community as well.” Nurse Manager Lashea Cotton said.

“The food bank was the charity that probably needed most by our community in these tough economic times.” Williams said.

The staff collected almost nine hundred dollars, and in food bank terms, that amount will equal ninety five hundred pounds of food.

“It makes me feel good and I’m just so proud of our employees because they just want to give back to the community. They do it on a daily basis with the children we are privileged to see here but this is another chance to give back to the community.” Williams said.

The staff hopes to continue this tradition.
The 9500 pounds of food equals out to 7 thousand four hundred and twenty two meals for the community.

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