Souper-Bowl in Dothan

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Dothan is in the process of holding their very own super bowl...that’s s-o-u-p-e-r bowl.
The Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank holds this annually to collect soup for their brown bag program.
This program allows the food bank to feed senior citizens who may not have enough money for food after their bills come out.
"The reason we like to collect soup is this is the colder time of the year. Soup is warm, nutritious, filling, and easy to prepare, especially for one person." Wiregrass Area United Food Bank Employee Julie Gonzalez said.

Gonzales says if your business would like to help collect cans, they can drop off barrels so you can help collect.
They will be holding a souper-bowl can drive at Southside Wal-Mart next Friday, so people in the community can donate after they shop.

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