Someone Posing as Sheriff Officer Scamming People

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A new scam is sweeping the Wiregrass, and it involves the Henry County Sheriff's Office.

Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox told me one elderly woman was conned out of $3,000.

So he is making it his top priority to find out who is doing this.

Someone calls residents posing as a Henry County Sheriff's officer.

The man tells people a warrant has been issued for the person and they need to buy a green dot card and call him back with the number on the card so he can handle it.

Sheriff Maddox says that's not how his office does business.

"If we have a warrant on you we will come knock on your door and you'll know or we will come to your work and we will tell you and we will pick you up we don't do business on the phone and the only cash business we do in in the clerks office," said Sheriff Maddox.

Sheriff Maddox says they have a few leads and he's hoping he is in the tri-state area.

If he is caught he could face impersonating a officer charges and theft by deception.

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