Solving the Pothole Problem

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Believe it or not, there's an easier solution. Instead of avoiding the holes every day, you can contact your local authorities to fix the problem.

Not only can potholes damage your car but they can also become a real nuisance.

"Once you get cracks in the top of that asphalt, water gets in there, then you start getting moisture in there and that's where your pot holes come from, " Assistant Public Works Director Charles Metzger.

Potholes can be your car's worst enemy and if they do cause damage, there is something you can do.

"The insurance company will come and do an investigation, I mean its not an open ended check, they'll do a lot of checking and come look and there will have to be proof damage was caused by that, " says Houston County Engineer Barkley Kirkland.

Rain coming through the Wiregrass the past couple of weeks is helping create new potholes and expanding existing ones.

"Whats gotten us us here the last three or four weeks is there are a few more pot holes than normal but the asphalt plants don't run when its raining, so we can't get asphalt to patch the pot holes," says Kirkland.

"We try literally to try and fix them that day, the next day if we can get asphalt mix, that's can be another issue because the economy is slow, there's less development going on and if there's less development going on, there's less asphalt being made at the asphalt plants and when we can't get the asphalt, you can't really fix a pothole properly," says Metzger.

Metzger says proper maintenance of the roads, like resurfacing, can reduce the amount of potholes

If you have an issue in the City of Dothan ... You should contact the street department at 334 615 3812.
If you live in the county, you can call the Houston County Road and Bridge Department at 334 792 4149.

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