Solid Waste Disposal Authority Can Continue to Operate.

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This morning's city commission meeting was heated.
Commissioners and the mayor finally made a decision to allow the the Southeast Alabama Solid Waste Disposal Authority to continue to operate.
But not without opposition.

Dothan City Commissioner, the public and representatives with the solid waste authority all had something to say about the proposal to allow the government entity to continue to collect trash.

Ozark Mayor Billy Blackwell is the chairman of the authority.

"We are just pleased that the commission saw fit to continue operating in the city we appreciate that and we look forward to out partnership to Dothan and Houston County," said Blackwell.

But resolution was amended to add that the authority would have to be checked again in a year.

"And to give someone blanket time to operate with no restrictions and not have to come back to check on how they are doing business then I didn't think there was anything inappropriate about limiting it to one year... you have no idea if anything will change or not in one year it could be the exact same as it is right now it is only fair to look at it on an annual basis but we can't charge these guys a business license or force them to do anything like other businesses do so every year they can check to make this is still in the best interest of Dothan and its citizens," said Hamp Baxley, City Commissioner for District 6.

"For the next year we will continue our business just as we have in the past," said Blackwell.

Another rule the authority has to follow, it is not allowed to get new customers.

"Understand that our business will be as is and I don't know if that means we will be kept at the number of customers we have right now or if we cannot take on anymore customers or if we have to stay at the same level we will have to get a clarification on that," said Blackwell.

Blackwell says the authority currently serves 127 companies which is about 5% of all commercial business in the area.

The Southeast Alabama Solid Waste Disposal Authority has been operating without permission from the city for the last 10 years.
After today's vote, Blackwell says he is now clear that permits are needed to haul away trash.

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