Wiregrass Soldier Surprises Her Kids at School

Slocomb, AL - Lashondra Davis has been on a mission. For the past year, she's been deployed to Afghanistan with the National Guard.

"My unit is like an engineering company. We build things and take them down," she said.

She arrived back home Monday night, but still had two more missions to complete.

First stop: Slocomb Elementary. Davis' 10 year old daughter, Ivory, was reviewing homework when she got a huge surprise.

Her mom walked through the door, and she jumped in her arms nearly knocking her over.

"I feel excited because my mom is back, and i get to have my arms around her. It's just good to have her back home," said Ivory.

Her daughter's 5th grade class sent her letters during the deployment. She plans to go back and share pictures and tell stories of what it was like in Afghanistan.

Next stop in Davis' mission? Slocomb junior high. Twelve-year-old Tristan was just as overwhelmed to see his mom for the first time in nearly a year.

"When I saw her I didn't know what to do," he said.

Davis knew her kids were anxious for her to be home. Most of her unit was reunited with their families weeks ago. Davis had a medical holdover for two weeks.

"She said she was coming home on Friday, then I said you always say you're coming home on Friday but you never come," said Tristan.

"I'm just grateful and thank God that I made it home safely. I want to spend more time with my family and friends. Thankful that my friends and my family took care of my kids while I was gone," said Lashondra.

Now that the mission is complete, Sergeant Davis can get back to being mom.

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