Smoother Ride From Headland To Dothan

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It will soon be easier to hitch a ride from Headland to Dothan.
Friday the Wiregrass Transit Authority announced their expansion to Headland.

A new van will make three trips into Dothan and three trips back to Headland Monday through Friday, costing $10 dollars round trip.
The service is open to the public…but city leaders know it will mostly benefit senior citizens traveling to Dothan for doctors appointments or dialysis.

Manager Wiregrass Transit Authority John Sorrell said, “It allows those of us with adult parents to have a viable option for mom and dad to get to where they need to without worrying about them driving in traffic conditions that aren’t always friendly.”

Pickup will be at the senior center in Headland.
For more information on how to sign up for the rides go to:

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