Smoking Banned on SAMC Property

Secondhand smoke will no longer be an issue at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

Beginning on January 1, the Medical Center will now be 100 percent smoke free.

The smoking ban will apply to cigarettes, cigars and even electronic pipes.

The policy affects both employees and patients.

Smoking won't be allowed on sidewalks, parking lots and in vehicles parked on the hospital property.

"Secondhand tobacco smoke is deadly. It’s almost equally deadly to regular smoke. We're going to protect our patients from secondhand tobacco smoke exposure. We're going to protect our patients from that as well and we're going to send a message to the community that this is not a healthy behavior," said Marvin Sexton, Medical Doctor at SAMC.

Smokers have until December 30 to get acquainted to the new rules.

By the end of the month all designated smoking areas will be removed.

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