Smelly Situation

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During heavy rain, sewage overflows into his yard.

"See all that green looking stuff, that's sewage. That is sewage"

For homeowner Eddie Bishop the problem of overflowing sewage in front of his home goes beyond the exterior.

"It's running all over, smelling all over the place. My drains in my house are draining slowly," says Bishop.

Officials with Dothan Utilities say they are aware of the problem and the weather has not helped them fix it.

"It's just due to the amount of rainfall and that we've had continuous rainfall, it's just inundated the waste water system, " says Dothan Utilities Director, Billy Mayes.

"It's probably down just a little bit now but as soon as it rains again it's going to come back up," says Bishop.

And the fecal matter coming back is what concerns bishop.

"I can remember the first incident was in 2009. Where my whole front yard flooded over my whole front yard was covered in water, maybe 6 to 9 inches of rain. And they come out and put these little red signs out saying that it's a biological hazard but let's do something about a biological hazard. It's going in the stream back here too, " says Bishop.

"We've got a consulting firm thats actually looking at that location and trying to determine a long term fix for that location, " says Mayes.

And if that isn't possible, Bishop feels he knows what will be next.

"If this thing keeps occurring like it's occurring, it;s going to eventually flood out here, " says Bishop.

But Bishop does say he is nervous for the health of his family.

Dothan Utility officials say no definite date is set for when they can put a long term solution in place.
But they are monitoring the situation and working to get it fixed.

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