Small Speed Bump for Daleville Road Repair

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When Old Newton Road was closed in February, it didn't look like much was wrong.

The problem started with an old drain pipe that couldn't handle the amount of water flowing through it.

Daleville Director of Public Works Jerry James said, "Pipe was broken underneath the road and with all that water then it started to undermine itself and it just found a way to start washing the soil out from under the road."

So the section of the road was closed. But then came more problems. James said, "It was an old abandoned dump over there. And we didn't know that it was there until we found the problem with the road. That is how we found it."

And they are not sure when all this dumping happened but it took them a day to get it all out.

James said, "It didn't take long with one of these big pieces of equipment."

Metal and tires buried deep into the ground went unnoticed for years. "I guess that back in the day when there was no law against doing that sort of thing, people just found a deep hole and that's where they started throwing stuff,” he said.

Even with the speed bumps, James says the estimated $110,000 project was moving along faster than the anticipated 6 week schedule. Something he knows will please area residents.

James said, "because I know it is a lot of trouble for them. They have to go another mile and a half out of the way to get back on this road."

And even with the forecasted rain, James says it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the construction.

On top of repairing the broken pipe, engineers added a new street drain system to hopefully solve the erosion problem for good.

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