"Slow Days" for Emergency Responders

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For many of us, a slow day on the job means boredom and trying to find something to do. But for firefighters and paramedics, they welcome the slow pace. Because that means no one is in danger. They can *always* find something to do.

"Make sure the shop is cleaned up...take care of the vehicles...check them off ...make sure they are cleaned out and sterilized," said Gary Wells, a paramedic in Dothan, Alabama.

But slow days aren't all about brooms and brushes, they also hit the books.

"Like this morning we had firehouse and ladder training we go online...we have power points and stuff that we go over," said Michael Jagannath, a firefighter in Dothan, Alabama.

They are always keeping up with the latest technology, because it could mean the difference between putting out a fire fast or a house burning to the ground. But don't worry, even emergency responders get a break every once and a while.

"We might get to watch a football game if we get lucky, if it's not too busy," said Wells.

So they may have their slow days...

"You never know when you are going to get a call, there's always things going on and its just...it seems like at the very most inopportune moments you always get a call to go out," said Jagannath.

But they will always be there.

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