Slocomb Fire Department to Hold Fundraiser for Equipment Maintenance

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The Slocomb Fire Department will hold a fundraiser April 4th and 5th from 10am to 5pm to raise money for maintenance of the operation. It will be in the Slocomb Market Place parking lot.

“What we want the people of Slocomb to understand is for us to be able to maintain and possibly lower, that insurance rating, we're going to have to maintain the equipment we have here, and also look toward the future of purchasing, that new equipment,” Kyle Hovey, Assistant EMS Chief said.

They will sell pork loins and ribs for $20. Hovey says the money will go toward fixing the transmission of one ambulance, fire truck maintenance, and making sure they have the best equipment on hand.

This effort is also a part of keeping the Insurance Services Organization number low. The scale is from one to ten, and the lower the number the better. The fire department is operated by volunteers. They are hoping citizens will come out and support the cause.