Slimy Goo Found in Tea at Carroll High School

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A group of students at Carroll High School in Ozark have noticed a slimy substance in their tea.
At first they thought it was just preservatives, but when they emptied the bottle, they realized the substance was too thick and could be a type of mold.

This goo is what students at Carroll High School see popping up in their tea bottles.

"Oh my God, dude, ew, ya we need to show somebody. This is going to the Smithsonian somebody's going to drink this. I almost drank this, somebody has drank this before, you and I had this before. If this in everybody's think about people who don't look in their teas" Carroll High Students said as they looked at their tea,

The students, who want to remain anonymous, say since the beginning of May, they continued to see the substance in the tea. They say as the month went on, it got thicker.

Last week, the students showed the drink to school officials. They say the teacher they originally reported it to seemed uninterested and said "I don’t want to see it".

A CHS student sent us this statement of what happened next:
“Luckily another teacher that overheard came to our table when lunch was over and told us to tell the teacher who is in charge of the lunch, we went into the lunchroom and asked the first lunch lady we saw where she is. She said she isn't in today. She asked what we need so we told her in a respectful way that the teas need to be looked at. We showed her the dark colored spot stuck to the inside of the bottle which she replied ‘that's gross; I’ll tell the truck driver’. However they were still available to buy the next day. "

The students said the teacher believed it was mold in the bottles, and seemed concerned, so they thought the problem would be solved.
The next day, the students bought another bottle of tea and discovered the Jello-like substance was still there.

We called the principal of Carroll High School Patrick Brannan.
He says he was never informed of a problem with the teas, and said he would be taking steps Monday to fix the issue.
We spoke with the student at lunch time.
He confirmed school officials are no longer allowing the tea to be sold.