Shopping Locally on Black Friday

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While most people are looking at chain retail stores' coupons for black Friday, smaller businesses are hoping you'll check out their sales as well.

It’s taken nearly a month to get screen tech prepared for black Friday.

“We probably started the second week of October, getting ready for this six week run.” Screen Tech president Shannon Collins said.

Just like screen tech there are many other small locally owned businesses that are opening their doors early on black Friday.

And the owners say stopping by could help you snag a great deal.

“Local stores can be better because they are more specialized in their product sometimes a big store is something you can get anywhere and so we try to highlight the things you can only get from us.” Eagle Eye Manager Dustin Lee said.

But shopping locally also helps the economy

“You’re going to get a better return on that dollar, you’re going to be supporting the local economy.” Lee said.

“You’re talking about jobs, you’re talking about supporting the local economy, you’re talking about providing people with good pay that they can in turn support other businesses locally.” Collins said.

And he says another good reason...well...if you’re from here, and you own a business here, you know what people here like.

“We do special coupons that we know the people the culture that’s going to be geared directly to them because we know them.” Lee said.

And although some shops may not send out coupons to your door, they say you can check out what deals they'll have online.

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