Shoplifting Up in Dothan

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Officers say the most common way shoplifters will steal is by placing the items in a big bag like this one,
And walk out of the store.
Experts say most habitual shoplifters steal twice a week.
That number increases around the holidays, and this year was no different.

“We did respond to an increased number of thefts where the person was in custody in different locations in the mall, particularly the two or three days leading up to Christmas and have seen several arrests on the day after Christmas which you know is a big shopping day.” Dothan Police Sergeant Rachel David said.

Officers say shoplifters think they can outsmart store security.

“Regardless of warnings from police not to be shoplifting any time but especially during the Christmas season when there’s a heightened amount of police officers and a heightened amount of in store security, people still continue. “ David said.

David says many thieves follow a similar pattern when trying to get merchandise out of a store.

“We also see that sometimes people will come in with that stores bag. So they shopped before and got the plastic bags from that store, will take them into a dressing room. Conceal items in there. And then exit and try to make it appear they have paid for the items.” David said.

And it doesn’t matter if a cop sees you shoplifting, or you're caught on camera.

“It’s one of the few times charges can be pressed even if it did not happen in the occurrence of a police officer.” David said.

David says if a store catches you shoplifting, many will press charges.

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