Shooting Victim's Family Speaks Out

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(Dothan, AL)--Although Houston County Attorney Doug Valeska ruled Tuesday's shooting a justifiable homicide, family members of the man shot and killed said he didn't have to die.

"Colby was a good-natured person, he would never hurt anyone," family member, Ronnie Phillips said." This shooting wasn't about Colby stealing clothes, it was a drug deal gone bad and people need to know the truth about this," he said.

Family members also question Alabama's "Stand Your Ground" law. They said if Aguilar was trying to run away from the scene, then he wasn't present or eminent danger to anyone else.

"Even if this was about stealing clothes, was it really worth taking his life over?" Phillips said.

Aguilar's family said they trust the legal system and will contact authorities to share their information. Meanwhile, they also have questions about the shooting they want answered.

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