Sheep Cause Traffic Jam

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A shepherd in Bistrita, who had no more food for the sheep, decided to walk them through the city, to another cowshed. The 60 sheep caused disruption in traffic and policemen were baffled at the site of them.

When the shepherd and his son decided to move their 60 sheep to another field, they wanted to avoid the detour and they decided to go through the center of the city. They walked slowly, more than 6 miles, on busy roads, near residential areas, luxury cars , two roundabouts and a passage.

All the while, some of the drivers were close to a nervous breakdown. Police tried to stop the madness.

Surprisingly, policemen left the man alone. But not before giving him some useful advice, especially for the sheep.

Drivers were not amused by the whole situation, they honked hysterically, angry at the animals crossing their way. A driver even hit a chaotic sheep. In the end, shepherd Vasile managed to get out of the city and breath in relief, after the whole adventure.

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