Sewing to a Bright Future

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It didn't matter whether Lataya Clay sat on Santa's lap before the other kids.

Because this year, she already knew what she wanted for Christmas.

Someone else knew, too.

Program Aid Michelle Tymrak said, “She told me she wanted a sewing machine for Christmas.”

But Lataya didn't want a sewing machine for herself.

Clay said, “We just sew stuff and give it to other people who don't have anything.”

Tymrak said, “Lataya told me she was making her blanket for her mother.”

That's when Tymrak says she was inspired and an idea took off.

Tymrak said, “I told her story to one person who was inspired, he was so inspired by just her one story that he wanted to give to as many of the girls as he could.”

He wasn't the only one.

Tymrak said, “Another girl from Texas was inspired by that same story.”

Inspired and giving the gifts that will help girls like Lataya give back.

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