Sewage Plant Renovation Causes Rate Hike

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A sewer treatment facility will see a $2 million upgrade and funds are coming from customer’s bills.

For two-thirds of Ozark’s population, their sewage travels to the Southside Wastewater Treatment Facility for a multi-step cleanup. Built 28 years ago, it is repair time.

Don Hallford, GM Ozark Utilities said, “The equipment is old and it is time to be replaced.”

As of January 1st, the average customer is seeing an added $5.78 to their monthly water and sewer bill. That money is going towards repairs.

“With the age of the plant our equipment would start failing. And we would not be able to meet our permit requirements,” he said.

There are strict regulations that make sure that the 2.1 million gallons of waster passing through the plant daily flow into the Choctawhatchee River free of waste.

The Utilities Board will start to look for a contractor for the project. Repairs are anticipated to begin in June and last for more than one year.

This project is just one part of the $5 million bond issue for Ozark’s Utilities Board.

The rest of the money will go towards replacing water mains and sewer rehabilitation programs.

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