Severe Storms Damage Geneva County Homes

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It's been a little more than 24 hours since severe storms tore through southeastern Geneva County. Residents are cleaning up left over debris but that's the least of their worries.

Geneva County resident Mable Smith had to take cover for an unexpected storm.

"It got bigger, it looked like a whirlwind to start with and then it just on getting bigger. I just slammed the door to run to the hall closet," said Smith.

Lasting for only about three seconds, the heavy storm damaged power lines, trees and homes.

"I was a little upset but I'm fine and everybody else is ok and that's all that matters," said Smith.

Smith's brother-in-law angus was affected by the heavy winds as well. He and his wife Margie lost their roof.

"The ceiling popped and cracked and I heard metal tearing and then all of sudden it got quiet and all we could hear was rain, it had got dark and the wind started blowing," said Margie Smith.

Making Smith's mother's day weekend very unique and stressful but she says it's been a blessing to see another day.

"In a way it has changed the meaning of the day but everybody has been so good. The neighbors have been good and have tried their best to make this a good weekend," said Margie Smith.

A weekend that has left these residents picking up the pieces and trying to rebuild their community. The national weather service will be in Geneva county this week to determine whether a tornado did in fact touch down.

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