September: Action Hunger Month

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Food Bank officials say Hunger Action Month will be a month set aside for special events and a time to pay closer attention to how hunger is affecting the Wiregrass.

Wiregrass Area Food Bank officials say there are about 47,000 people who will go to bed tonight, not knowing if they'll be able to eat tomorrow.
And by recognizing this month...It is just one step to make sure hunger is wiped out in the Wiregrass.

They say this is not simply about giving money but rather doing something to make a difference in the community.

"Hunger is a problem 365 days a year, we want everybody to do what they can to reach out to help us feed the hungry. Not every one can donate monetarily but everybody can donate something, " says Julie Gonzalez, Development Director at the Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

Wiregrass Area Food Bank officials are asking everyone to wear orange in celebration of Hunger Action Month.

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