Sen. Harri Anne Smith Receives Alabama Farmers Federation Endorsement

DOTHAN, AL – The Alabama Farmers Federation (ALFA) has voted to endorse State Senator Harri Anne Smith of District 29, representing Houston, Geneva and Dale Counties.

Senator Smith is a longtime supporter of agriculture and farmers in the Wiregrass.

“An important part of our economy in the Wiregrass is the hard work of our farmers and the food they produce that feeds not only America but the world. With the many market challenges our farmers face each day, I have strongly supported keeping taxes low and reducing regulation that hurt their ability to compete. I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of the Alabama Farmers Federation and the farmers throughout the state,” Senator Smith stated.

Smith has been an active member of the Agriculture Committee. In addition to supporting legislation important to farmers, Senator Smith has been a solid opponent of taxes, including the $1.2 billion Amendment 1 tax increase.

“Senator Smith has been a solid independent voice who has fought for conservative values and lower taxes in the Alabama Senate,” stated Wayne Woodham, Alabama Farmers Federation Dale County board member. “Senator Smith has always supported and been a spokesperson for agriculture in Alabama, and I’m proud to stand by her side with the ALFA endorsement in her State Senate race for District 29.”

According to Gerald Aplin, of Aplin Farms and an Alabama Farmers Federation board member from Geneva County, “Harri Anne is deserving of this endorsement because she has always been a trustworthy representative of farmers and conservative values in the Wiregrass. If there is ever a problem that needs fixing, Harri Anne will stand with you to make the calls and help get the job done.”

In Houston County, retired ag teacher and farmer, Joe Carothers stated, “I’ve worked side by side with Senator Smith on agriculture issues, and have always been proud of the way she has stood up to fight for farmers in the Wiregrass. Harri Anne realizes the importance of family farms, and has gone out of her way to protect these small businesses, which are often passed down through generations. Her efforts have helped preserve agriculture as a traditional way of life in Houston County.”

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