Seminole County Elementary Welcomes New Resource Officer

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Monday was the first day of school in Seminole County but not just for students.

"It’s been rather busy, rather interesting," School Resource Officer Jeff Braswell said.

Security issues were raised last year when someone came onto campus and caused a disturbance.

"Usually our first priority is education but now it has a tie for first place and our first priority in addition to education is student safety," Superintendent Monroe Bonner said.

To ensure student safety, the school board hired a full-time school resource officer for the elementary school.

"As a school system we have the responsibility to provide not only our students but our staff with a safe environment in which to be taught and to teach," Braswell said.

Braswell has more than a decade of experience.

He was an instructor for the D.A.R.E program and most recently worked as a school safety coordinator for the state.

"It's also important that we develop a rapport as law enforcement personnel with the students here, within the school to let them know that we are their friend and we're here to help them inside and outside of the school," Braswell said.

"All the students and the staff know that he's on campus and know that he is here to help take care of all of us," Seminole County Elementary School Principal said.

School resource officers will be patrolling Seminole County Middle and High School as well.