Semi Trucks Forced to take Breaks in the Icy Conditions

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DALE COUNTY -- From constant scanner buzz to crews working without breaks, the winter storm that hit the Wiregrass on Tuesday kept many people extra busy. But, for truck drivers, they had no other choice but to wait it out until conditions weren't so slick.

Local officers were asking truck drivers along US Highway 231 to pull off the road because of icy bridges and hills.

James Caldwell is traveling from Southeast Alabama to Chicago. He said the southern states are more of a danger because they do not have the resources to deal with the ice.

"These, for instance because they don't have the means of cleaning the roads. The back roads, those are the scariest ones, or you've got somebody that's crazy, driving fast in these conditions and it makes me nervous," Caldwell said.

Highway 231 and Dale County roads are still closed until further notice.