Seized Money from Drug Arrests Goes Back to Department

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DALE COUNTY -- Local law enforcement make more than ten large drug related arrests each year in which they seize large amounts of money.

The Daleville Police Dept. and the Wiregrass Violent Crime/Drug Task Force Investigators said the money they seized during drug busts goes into a drug seizure fund to purchase new equipment.

A common misconception is that it goes straight from the dealers to the department. The reality is that the officers turn in seizure paperwork to the District Attorney's Office. From there, a judge grants the funds back to the law enforcement agencies to use for crime investigations.

The drug task force said the money received goes towards the purchase of new body mics and covert cameras.

Daleville investigators said the cash is used to enhance undercover operations.

"Here at Daleville we use it for law enforcement, crime scene accessories, swat entry tools and in investigations,"
Sgt. Stacey Austin of the Daleville Police Department said. "Chief Mathis just allows us to use it for investigations and the swat team."