Seeds of Success: Brony Fundraiser Reaches Another Goal

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Originally Published: December 31, 2012

“Bronies for Good,” a charity group made up of adult fans of the latest TV series of “My Little Pony” has surpassed another milestone in their worldwide charity work.

News 4 has previously reported on “Bronies for Good,” a charity group that has previously helped raise money for various causes in Africa through the “Seeds of Kindness” project.

Bronies are one name of the adult fans of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” which has gained a massive following of fans across the world since its 2010 premiere.

Over the Holiday season, the group held a charity livestream. This gave fans the chance to interact with talent from the show, including the creator of the series herself, Lauren Faust.

Thanks to money raised through that fundraiser, an orphanage in Uganda that will be home to 50 or more children, has been fully funded. Some contributers donated as much as 3000 pounds (3966 dollars) to the cause.

In addition, the group raised several thousand dollars for a project known as “Engineers Without Borders.” That group's goal is to provide improved water supply and sanitation for a Ugandan orphanage. Beyond that, “Bronies for Good” aims to help the construction of rainwater harvesting tanks in Tanzania.

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