Secondhand Smoke Causing Problems for Apartment Dwellers

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A survey by the American Apartment Dwellers, shows nearly one-third of non-smoking residents inhale secondhand smoke in the public spaces of their buildings.
Almost half smell it in their own homes.

“It is so funny because you can live in an apartment, not be a smoker yourself but yet people around you in the other apartments are smokers. It goes through the air vents; it seeps underneath your door.” Tobacco Prevention Manager Judy Guiler said.

And secondhand smoke isn't something to take lightly.

"Secondhand smoke is just as bad as first hand smoke, matter fact sometimes it’s even worse because there is no filter on the smoke that’s coming out of the cigarette, verses the smoke that you’re breathing in." Guiler said.

But if you are one of those people who have to deal with breathing in smoke fumes, there is something you can do to get yourself out of the situation.

"If the landlord can't figure out what the problem was or remedy the situation, then under Alabama’s landlord tenant act, you would give a 14 day notice that there is a condition at your apartment that makes it uninhabitable and ask the landlord to remedy that." Attorney Harry Hall said.

You should also verify that the lease you signed was for a non-smoking apartment.
There are more than 60 carcinogens in secondhand smoke. Those cancer-causing agents lead to many deaths in Alabama.

"Last year just here in Alabama 820 people died from second hand smoke." Guiler said.

Guiler says making sure you're breathing in clean air in your own apartment can be the difference between life and death.
Guiler says the agents released into the air are so poisonous that if it were an industry releasing these cancer-causing agents into the air, it would be shut down.

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