Second Multi-Million $ Scratch-Off for PCB Man

Panama City -- Just months after making the headlines by winning a $3,000,000 scratch off prize, a Panama City Beach man has stuck gold again, this time winning $10,000,000 in the Florida Lottery’s Billion Dollar Blockbuster Scratch-Off game.

Jody Massengale was already looking like he’d be set for life, after winning $3 million in the $3,000,000 Monopoly Scratch-Off game in November 2010, but now any financial concerns should fall completely away with the addition of his $10 million jackpot, which he chose to take as a one-time, lump-sum payment of $6,500,000.

Asked how he felt after striking it rich twice, Massengale told lottery officials, “Winning the Lottery once was cool; but to win twice, that’s just awesome!”

This time, Massengale picked up his winning ticket at the Express Lane, located at 8302 Thomas Drive, in Panama City Beach. He bought his previous winner at a gas station on North Lagoon Drive.

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