Seat belt Rates in Alabama at a Record High but Dothan is Aiming for 100%

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A new report shows a record 97% of Alabama drivers buckled up in 2013.

Your seat belt works with your airbag to slow things down.

"To buy you time to come from going 50 miles an hour on the circle to a dead stop. That's why it's so important that you wear it, because one without the other isn't as effective," Dothan Police Department’s Traffic Division Lt. Todd David said.

Lieutenant David says the summer is a hot spot for bad seat belt habits.

With kids getting out of school and families taking vacations, there are more wheels on the road.

"Studies have shown fatalities spike,” David said.

Some of the more recent studies have also shown people are using their seatbelts way less when the sun goes down.

"It could be a number of things, people feel like the enforcement factor is not there you know it's a little bit more difficult for us to see if a motorist has a seatbelt on. We are taking specific steps to address that. We will be focusing a lot heavier on night time enforcement and we'll use some new techniques as well," David said.

The $61 seat belt ticket puts two points on your license and the fine can be more if you were pulled over for another reason.

So get in the habit and click it, if you don't want a ticket or even worse a funeral.

"They will save your life in a crash,” David said.

Alabama's "Click it or Ticket" campaign lasts through June 1st.

Officers from 232 law enforcement agencies around the state are participating.