School Security Advancements Since Sandy Hook Tragedy

School officials say since Sandy Hook, school safety has been at the front of everyone's minds.

"We always thought elementary schools were kind of a sacred place and no one would ever think of doing harm there and sandy hook really changed that. Between k-12 we are on our toes all the time at all schools," said Dothan City Schools Superintendent Tim Wilder.

On December 14th, 2012, a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

26 people, including students were killed.

That act changed the way the nation thinks about school security.

"I think it brought it to reality that the worst really could happen here and anywhere," said Wilder.

School Resource Officer, Jim Matheny, said, “As SRO's we play the what if game. In your mind it's a daily thing of where, how, what am I going to do."

Jim Matheny has been a school resource officer for three years.

He says now there's more attention to detail and communication has gotten better.

"I believe the communication gap has definitely come together better," said Matheny.

Dothan City Schools are using technology to their advantage.

Parents can sign up for text and email alerts, there's a phone tree, and even a lock-down app.

Northview High School has added more cameras and staff to make sure they stay on top of what's happening.