Schmitz, Local Business Owners, Head to China

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The U.S.-China Manufacturing Symposium will be coming to Dothan in a month. But before the event takes place, Mayor Mike Schmitz is headed back to China.

Schmitz and a group of local businessmen will be in China for 12 days. It’s the last chance Dothan has to make an impression on Chinese business owners in order to bring jobs to the Wiregrass.

“There is no question, when the government shut down we had to not have the symposium in November, it really out cold water on it so we had to do a lot of work to create good will again,” explained Schmitz. “We are doing, I believe, a great job and this is as we say ‘closing the deal’. We get them here and hopefully create some good prospects."

Schmitz says that some major selling points for Dothan are the low labor, real estate and energy costs. In addition to Dothan being a great place to live.

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