Saving on the Power Bill When Decking Your Halls

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We all know going green can help save the environment, but what about it putting money back in your wallet?
There is a way for you to do just that when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas.

The Christmas rush to get your halls decked and your tree trimmed is on, but with aisles and aisles of lighting options how can you know the best way stretch to your buck, save energy, and save on your power bill?

According to consumer and safety experts L.E.D. is the way to go.

"The cost of L.E.D. lighting has really come down over the last few years, for the homeowner, it doesn't cost them as much on their utility bill," says Northside Kmart Manager James Piedro.

At this time of year everyone's energy bill gets a little higher.

"This time of year with it being December, Christmas obviously, a lot of people are using Christmas lights, and people using energy more," says Marketing Director Brad Kimbro of Wiregrass Electirc.

The safety measure with L.E.D. lighting is just as important when going green.

"The win with L.E.D lighting is it doesn't get as hot, the temperature of the actual bulb themselves, like on Christmas trees or lights around the hose does not, get as warm, so the risk of fire or get too hot is not there," says Northside Kmart Manager James Piedro.

You can also string multiple strands of lights together, which prevents your circuit from blowing.

So how else can you save money when using L.E.D's vs. traditional Christmas lights?
According to, if you burned your led lights for 270 hours, about 45 days for each one hundred strand of lights you would pay 26 cents.

So now that you've saved some extra money, trimming your tree and decking your halls, now you can spend some extra cash, on those gifts under the tree.

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