Save Your Pet From Heat Exhaustion

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"Heat exhaustion right now with the heat and humidity as high as it is, is really a big problem, " says Ben Garrett, Veterinarian at Dothan Animal Hospital.

With temperatures rising to nearly 100 degrees, pet owners should be on the look out for signs their animal may be suffering from heat exhaustion.

"They usually start off panting and a dog exchanges their heat, they don't have sweat glands like we do, they pant to exchange heat, once they start panting uncontrollably, they body temperature continues to climb".

And if you are a pet owner, paying attention is critical.

"They will not know when to stop running. If you throw the ball or have them fetch, they are still going to run even though they are hot and overheated and they will not realize how close they are for heat exhaustion but you as a responsible pet owner definitely should know, " says Marion Baker, Store Manager at PetsMart.

But there are things you can do to help your four legged friend out.

"People that have outdoor pets, that stay outside most of the time, just make sure they have plenty of fresh water and shade and think about as the sun moves the shade is going to move so make sure that their inside a shaded area at all times, " says Garrett.

"Early morning, late afternoon by all means, don't walk in the middle of the day with your pet ".

Pet owners and vets agree one major don't in the heat, leaving your dog in the car.

"Never leave your pet in a car, it only takes a matter of seconds, within 2 minutes your car can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees in this type of heat that we have now," says local pet owner Marsha Thompson.

Heat that is unbearable for humans and pets alike.

Garrett says pets that are used to being inside, need extra attention since they are not used to the extreme heat.

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