Save Energy And Money on Earth Day!

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Earth day is a reminder to support environmental protection.
It's also a reminder that summer is right around the corner, a time when electric bills and energy use skyrocket.
But there are ways you can reduce your environmental footprint.

“People think you can cut your system off in the day time when you go to work. And what happens on hot humid days inside the home, the humidity level gets up and the temperature gets up and you think your saving energy when you get home in the afternoon its 80 or 82 degrees and you turn the system down to 72 or where ever your comfortable and that sucker runs all night long.” Bob Woodall said.

Instead you can raise the temperature a couple of degrees and lower it when you get home.

“They can grill outside or use a microwave. Anytime you use a heat source inside the house, it creates extra heat the air-condition units need to cool back off.” Dothan Utilities Worker Mark Kight said.

Make sure windows and doors are caulked properly will allow cool air from escaping from your home.

“Use your blinds close your blinds off try to create shade inside your house.” Kight said.

And don't forget the little things.

“Your cell phone and other things we should do that we're not used to doing. Cell phone chargers your computer chargers, tv and appliances all create heat which adds to the heat inside the house.” Kight said.

Making sure you unplug them after use will guarantee you won't be wasting energy.
Because in the end, who wants to pay for something they didn't use?

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