Santa Arrives Early for Area Seniors

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DOTHAN, AL--With the help of hundreds of people across the Wiregrass 400 seniors will have gifts to open this Christmas.

" It's so gracious and sweet of people to do this at this time of year especially," said Mary Bowden.

Mary Bowden says she only asked for a few items this year.

"Lotions, I think I asked for house slippers I'm not sure."

And from the looks of it she may have gotten that and more.

"Overall it makes me happy and want to laugh and my heart's so glad it makes me almost want to cry because i don't feel that i'm worthy of all this but I appreciate it more than words can tell," added Bowden.

Mable Chancellor also got a big delivery.
She says it's her second time signing up for the program and she's still amazed by the kindness of others.

"I've never had free help, I've worked for everything I got and it's new for me I don't even know how to act," explained Chancellor.

So with so much excitement and gratitude who will wait until Christmas and who will open their gifts early?

"I don't know but I think the box is pretty I might just let it stay like that," said Chancellor.

"I'm going to wait until christmas," said Hilda Calloway.

"I'll probably open it just as soon as y'all leave, I'm curious," said Chancellor.

"I might wait until Christmas for some of it but i don't think I can stand it until Christmas I'll get into some of it today," said Bowden.

That just goes to show, no matter how old you are, you're still a kid at heart.

Of the 400 seniors who requested items only 20 didn't get sponsors, but SARCOA purchased items for them with money residents donated.

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