Salvation Army Christmas Signup's

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The Salvation Army is all about helping people in need and with Christmas just a couple months away they are already preparing for the holiday season. The line outside the Salvation Army was long with people anxiously waiting to sign up for Christmas assistance.

"We go by the poverty guidelines and it's for children twelve and under for toys, clothing uh maybe even school uniforms if that's what the sponsor would purchase,” said captain of the salvation army, Jani Criss.

Volunteer Marjorie Story felt that it was important to help those less fortunate and to set a good example for her family.

"Well I wanted to give back to the community as well as um lead by example with my children, I want my children to be interested in volunteering and so I figured I would start with myself," said volunteer, Marjorie story.

The Salvation Army is partnering with the wiregrass mall where they will be displaying their angel tree and accepting donations. They are always looking for more businesses to partner with since the need has increased significantly.

“Donations are especially needed for babies and children ages ten through twelve."

The Salvation Army expects an increase for those applying because the need for toys and food is higher due to the current economic state.

"We do anticipate several hundred more children that are just really what we expect due to the numbers being down the increase of food request ah the lines we have seen this morning," said Criss.

Even if children are over twelve and not eligible for toys Criss says they would like to at least be able to provide a box of food at Christmas time to help ease the load during the holiday season.

Signups will continue until Thursday from 9am to 4pm at the Salvation Army on South Bell.

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