Salvation Army Responds to Hostage Situation

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Ozark, Ala. (January 30, 2013) – The Salvation Army has deployed a mobile feeding unit from Dothan to Dale County, Alabama to provide support to first responders at the site of a hostage situation. Since early evening on Tuesday, volunteers from The Salvation Army have been preparing hot meals and drinks at the incident command post in Midland City, Ala.

Salvation Army officials responded at the request of law enforcement to provide for the physical needs of those attempting to resolve what has been described as a “very delicate situation involving a child." Home and businesses surrounding the hostage location have been evacuated to ensure their safety and security. By sunrise on Wednesday, The Salvation Army had served over 250 hot meals.

Brenda Furqueron, Director of The Salvation Army in Dale County, said that “plans are already in place to serve as long as it is necessary.”

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared throughout the day on Wednesday in continued support of the hostage standoff.

“Our hope and prayer is that this situation can be resolved in a peaceful manner,” Furqueron added.

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