Salvation Army Is Sorting Presents

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Hundreds of names were taken off the Salvation Army’s angel tree at the mall.

Today volunteers are hard at work making sure the gifts are ready to go under trees around the Wiregrass.

"This looks like the North Pole, does it not look like the North Pole? Yeah, Santa has come," said Captain Tammy Broome from the Salvation Army.

His helpers have been busy. 69 names were not picked off the tree and 200 lists haven't been returned.

Volunteers were shopping until midnight last night to fill the Christmas wishes.

"Christmas is my favorite time of year, the best time will be Monday morning when the families come in and the people receive the gifts, the smiles and tears, the joy that they got," said Broome.

"Volunteers have been working for more than a month to fill the angel tree lists and they're not done yet. They're going to need your help on Monday. They need 20 volunteers to help out with the distribution."

"I would ask high school students, to see how they can give back to the community, some of the donors to see what they did. They don't know who exactly took the gifts but they can give back to those families."

Giving back to the community has been something special for first time volunteer Amanda Mims.

"It’s actually been a blessing in my life and i hope it's a blessing for others," said Mims.

Mims has a son of her own.

She says making other children's day special is just as important.

"If my little boy didn't have Christmas that would just break my heart and it would break mine too. So I think it's important that all kids enjoy Christmas time."

If you want to volunteer on Monday, call the Salvation Army at 792-1911.