Salvation Army Christmas Distribution

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While cars lined the parking lot at the National Peanut Fesitval Fairgrounds, volunteers lined the agricultural center with bags full of gifts.

"Today they come in and receive their toys and their bicycles as you see. This is called our toy shop is what we call it, " says Tammy Broome, Salvation Army Captain.

"We got a bicycle, barbie dolls, football, a few of the Parker Brother games, " says recipient Kurt Washington.

"Trucks and a little don't break the ice game and he got a lot of educational toys. My daughter got a doll, and some toys and beads, looks like something to make bracelets with and she got some clothes, " says another recipient Shonjean Brady.

1,170 angels will be getting Christmas gifts this year.

Gifts parents like Kurt Washington say, they are thankful for.

"It's truly a blessing. My children can have Christmas this year and they don't have to look down on me and say dad you didn't get me anything for Christmas and i believe that that's truly a blessing, " says Washington.

"It means a lot to me because i got a job, thank god, but i just don't make enough to get them presents. I am very grateful. Thank god for beautiful people, " says recipient Arnulfo Cadena.

"I am so grateful that i received these toys because me being a disabled parent, I have multiple sclerosis, so I don't know what I would have did without the salvation army so I am very very grateful for what they do, " says Brady.

A grateful feeling that will lead to smiling faces.

"They are going to be so excited, " says Brady.

"I might have to put a leash on them," laughs Washington.

Recipients also received food boxes, filled with things like potatoes, bread, veggies and cake mix.

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