Early Head Start Will Close Next Week

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On Monday, parents of children at Early Head Start will have to find a new place to take their children since the government shut down closed this daycare.

Early Head Start serves parents who can not afford daycare.

"I was devastated it hurt me to my heart like I said before my son loves it, he really has learned a lot," said Alicia Whaley, parent.

"We are very strong here strong and resilient and we will make it through this," said Rena Miller, center director

Parents aren't the only ones affected.

"It is basically the furlough that you hear no one is losing their job we just not going to work until we reopen again," said Miller.
"It is very sad to us not to have our children come here everyday knowing this is where they love to come when they are happy and we take care of them and their parents feel really secure with leaving their children here with us every day."

Early Head Start serves 68 children and employs 25.

Early Head Start will open again when the government reopens.

The Saliba Center Early Head Start Program’s days are numbered.

The federally funded program will be closed down next week due to the government shutdown.

WTVY’s Cynthia Washington went to the center today to find out how the program shutdown will affect center staff and families.

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