Turning Hurt into Healing: Blakely Woman Spreads SIDS Awareness

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When Alicia

Harrell gave birth to a healthy son in April 2013, she and her husband were overjoyed to call themselves parents.

Three months, three weeks and two days later, everything changed.

“It was a normal day; it was his 10th day of daycare.”

Sealie Ellis Harrell didn't wake up from his morning nap.

“We tried to perform CPR and the medics just picked him up and ran with him. We waited for about ten minutes and he passed away.”

Sudden infant death syndrome has no symptoms or signs.

It can't be predicted or prevented.

“I never thought I would be a victim of SIDS.”

The day after she lost Sealie, the phone rang, and a voice of comfort was on the other end.

“A guy named guy wolf called. He and his wife lost their baby in 2012 and they reach out to parents who are going through the same thing.”

The Wolfs started the "Baby Butterfly Foundation" in memory of their daughter, MIA.

They were so wonderful offering counseling and funding for SIDS research.

“They just showed me how important it was to spread the word in my community.”

Alicia took her own heartache and made it her mission to show new parents how to reduce the risk of SIDS through demonstrations and workshops.

She's also selling bracelets and t- shirts to raise money for research.

In October we raised over $2,500

Alicia says it's a way to continue taking care of Sealie.

“People say he was an angel from day one.”

Another source of healing is being able to comfort to other grieving parents.

“It’s helped me so much. There've been three moms since Sealies death that I’ve been able to reach out to. “

Through team Sealie, Alicia says she's just getting started.

On Saturday, January 18th, Team Sealie will host a memorial SIDS benefit at Bluffton Arena in Bluffton, Georgia. It will feature team roping, a barrel race, and live music. The event will kick off at 12 noon Eastern Time.

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