SARCOA Elderly Program Accepting Applications


If you or your loved one is looking for in-house care, a SARCOA program is accepting applications for its Elderly and Disabled Medicaid Waiver Program. It provides help to our frail senior citizens in the comfort of their own home. As we grow older, it is not as easy to do some once-thought tedious tasks like cooking, cleaning, or bathing.

This program can also relieve family members worried about their mom or dad, without the high costs of nursing homes.

"To help the person to be able to stay home, because some people, that's all they need is just a little bit of help at home and then they don't have to think about going to the nursing home,” explained Martha Anderson, Director of Home and Community Services at SARCOA.

You do not have to be on Medicaid to qualify for the program, but you do have to meet certain criteria to be eligible. If you are interested in the program, contact SARCOA at (334) 793-6843 or1-800-239-3507 to apply. You may also visit for more information.

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