Soldiers Get an Close Look at Accidents in the Field as a Part of Risk Management

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FORT RUCKER -- A group of soldiers have spent the past six weeks focusing on risk management. For the past couple of weeks, they have worked at the crash dynamics lab to better understand helicopter and motor vehicle crashes.

At the lab, soldiers have the opportunity to investigate 16 replicas of different crash scenes that actually happened. From the crash lab, they better understand how to secure a site, take appropriate photographs, mark and diagram the scene.

Ultimately, they learn how to properly investigate an accident, write more accurate reports and collect better data.

"If we lose a $9,000,000 helicopter and we learn something from that, that could prevent a future accident," Aviation Safety Officer Course Manager Perry Alliman said. "We'd save a lot of money and a lot of soldiers don't get injured."

When these soldiers involved in the safety training return to their respective units, many will serve as the aviation safety expert.