Roby to Introduce Working Families Flexibility Act

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Representative Martha Roby plans to introduce a bill to Congress that will lessen federal restrictions in the workplace while offering working people more time options.

"It's called the "Working Families Flexibility Act,” and it would offer the freedom for workers to use their earned “time-and-a-half” overtime as actual paid “time-and-a-half” off work rather than pay, if that’s what they would rather have. No worker could ever be forced to take paid time off instead of pay, just like no business would be forced to offer it. But that's a decision they should be free to make together, which is why my bill ends the blanket federal restriction on doing so.Today’s workplace has changed, and so has the modern worker. We have different demands on our time, and it only makes sense that our laws catch up to the realities of today's workplace and today’s families. Getting paid “time and a half” for earned overtime is a workplace right that won't change. However, for some workers, having extra paid time off is actually more valuable than money" Roby said.

Roby says, "The bottom line is this: why should Washington tell an employee and employer whether or not they can offer “comp time?” My bill would cut out an unnecessary regulation and help provide more freedoms for employees."

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