Road Program Aims to Help Rural Counties

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Dale county residents who travel on County Road 91 can soon say goodbye to the humps and bumps.

"It's in pretty bad shape. there's pot holes that have been patched up for years and it has a extremely rough ride and after we get done resurfacing it I think the residents out there will be extremely happy," said Dale County Assistant Engineer Joshua Knight.

The county is set to receive more than $5.1 million for nine resurfacing projects.

"That's about 35 miles of roadway that we'll be able to resurface," added Knight.

Henry County will get more than 5.9 million for 6 resurfacing projects.
County Engineer Chris Champion says one of their focuses is to improve routes from the south end of the county going north towards Lake Eufaula.

"This will also help us in our logging industry. We have a lot of logging in Henry County and it will improve some of our routes to help the logging industry get their product out."

Champion says some projects will be completed this Summer and others in the Spring of 2014.

The Rural Assistance Match Program, also known as RAMP, allows additional counties to take part in Governor Bentley's statewide road improvement initiative, called the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program also known as ATRIP.

"It's quite a boom for us, this equates to about 10 years worth of federal funding in one program."

Barbour and Geneva counties will also receive funding.

The first priority in each county is the replacement of county bridges posted for school-bus traffic and eligible for federal funds.

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